Building Signage

Signs are the windows to the soul of your business. They provide the identity; the location; the essence of what you have to offer and give you the prominence you desire. Clear signage allows your customers to easily locate you, engage your services and purchase your products.

An attractive exterior, embellished with your corporate branding, created with contemporary materials and leading edge techniques, creates the ideal first impression, allowing you to remain at the forefront of your customers’ awareness at all times.

Ensure your signage entices your customers into your business. It’s essential that they can recognise from the very first vision that you are the industry leader and will be the very best company to solve their challenges.

Fresh vibrant signage soundlessly shouts your message. Tired, worn signage conveys the message that your business might be out-dated and uncaring. PS Signs manufactures and installs signage of premium quality, utilising state-of-the-art technology and materials, enhanced by a comprehensive design and strategy consultation to equip your business with an innovative advantage.

  • Attractive exteriors that enhance corporate branding
  • Fresh Vibrant Signage
  • State Of The Art Technology
  • Premium Quality, Contemporary Materials
  • Comprehensive Design And Strategy Consultation
  • Innovative Advantage

Discuss your requirements with our team today and experience the PS Signs difference for yourself.

Fascia & Awnings Signs

Your business or office façade is the perfect opportunity to clearly define your business to your customers as well as communicate your commitment to exceeding their expectations.

It is also the ideal situation to educate your customers about your products and services, including some they may be unaware of. This might also be your best chance of attracting casual passers-by. Never compromise on quality signage.

The value of creating a positive visual impact and capturing additional trade must not be under-estimated. This can mean the difference between the daily struggle to pay the bills and the flourish of wealth to enjoy the lifestyle you started your business for.

Every person who sees your business will make a judgement. Visually exciting signage that clearly portrays your assurance of excellence means the judgement will be favourable.

The PS Signs Design Team works closely with you to create fascia and awning signage that is appealing, enhances your building’s architecture and portrays your ideal message, prior to manufacturing and installing the branded signage which will guide existing and prospective customers through your doors.

  • Fascia Signs To Attract Passers-By
  • Uncompromising Quality
  • Visually Exciting Awnings
  • Assurance Of Excellence
  • Branded Signage To Entice Customers Into Your Premises

Is your signage working for you? Our team is ready to assist you maximise the benefit of this valuable signage area.

Reception Signs

A welcoming reception area provides the ambience of the clients’ experiences. Professionally designed and installed reception signage can enhance the overall appeal and has even been shown to improve business profitability.

Two similar businesses offering similar services. One has signage the owner appears to have printed on their home computer; the other has a stylish reception area enhanced with PS Signs’ backlit illuminated light-box signage; the office window is embossed with a frosted imprint of their logo; chic two-pack painted fabricated lasers and laser cut acrylic letters adorn the walls communicating the array of services offered.

The second business, while offering a similar range, commands higher prices, attracts a wealthier clientele who happily spend more and reaps the improved profits time and again, simply because their customers are made to feel more welcome and wanted from the moment they enter the tastefully signed reception area.

  • Back-lit illuminated Light Box signage
  • Frosted Imprints
  • Two-pack painted, fabricated lasers
  • Laser cut acrylic lettering

Contact us today to create your sophisticated, fresh reception area and appreciate the benefits to your business.

Window Graphics & Frosting

Often overlooked, windows in retail or office environments are supremely valuable spaces. The transformation from “run-of-the-mill” to “outstanding quality” can be instant when vibrant window graphics or refined frosted decals are applied.

When you transform your window into an effective on-site billboard with the assistance of PS Signs, your customers will be vividly aware of your current marketing campaigns with the use of our adhesive promotional vinyls, which is easily removed at the end of the campaign, leaving no mess and no damage due to the low-tactile adhesive formula. This is an excellent alternative to the traditional painted-window promotions, as it is a swift, neat and cost-effective solution to your on-going promotional needs with an eye-catching vibrant colour range.

One-way, perforated signage provides you with the ultimate Window signage solution. Your business window signage can be easily viewed by passing customers while you can still easily see outside while you work, avoiding that “hemmed in” feeling. The graphics for these versatile signs are digitally printed in full colour creating striking, eye-catching designs. Perfect for the frontage position.

For premises requiring privacy from passing foot traffic, the resilient, permanent full vinyl adhesive solution will be most effective. Easily convey your message, while protecting personal and contractual details from potential prying eyes. This also offers a sun and glare protection solution in a much more value-add, cost efficient solution than replacing a glass window with a solid wall.

Your customers will view you as the flagship of your industry when you have your logo, business name and classic design embossed in window frosting, maintaining the clarity and brilliance of the glass. With a variety of grades and finishes of Window Frosting, PS Signs have the solution for your premises, so your window can be your silent messenger of distinction.

  • Digitally printed, full colour graphics
  • Industry leading media
  • Front or Rear adhesive signage media
  • Photo Quality Finish vinyl signs
  • No-Mess, No-Damage, simplified removal for time-sensitive promotional adhesive signs
  • Low-tactile Adhesive formula for Promotional Vinyls
  • Striking Eye-catching Designs
  • One-way vision, perforated signage
  • Customised Branded Window Frosting application

Whether you have a clear idea of your finished design, or you require assistance through our consultative design strategy, by contacting PS Signs without delay, you are giving yourself the ultimate chance to convert your window into the perfect communication tool.

Wall Graphics

Elevate your business above the status quo with an invigorating full wall graphic. Your customers will be impressed and feel confident doing business with you. Staff and colleagues will appreciate the resulting mood enhancement.

Whether you wish to create:

  • an idyllic environment for your clientele, with a high resolution photo image, perhaps of an underwater scene or tranquil rural scene;
  • a pop culture image utilising artistic photo editing effects;
  • learning and positive image surrounds with inspirational messages; or
  • a wall to showcase your branded, corporate, promotional and marketing information …

…the blank walls in your premises are the perfect canvases.

Robust polyester textiles provide resilient digital graphics which can be applied to almost any surface, creating just the result you wish to achieve. A selection of tactile adhesive vinyl is available and can be removed leaving little to no mess or damage. The high resolution, photo quality finish of PS Signs Wall Graphics ensures visitors are fully immersed in your commitment to excellence and superior customer service rather than feeling unappreciated by bland surrounds.

  • Create A Holistic Corporate Brand With Quality Wall Graphics
  • Immerse Your Customers In Appreciation
  • High Resolution Photo-Quality Finish Demonstrates The Commitment To Excellence And Superior Customer Service
  • Robust Resilient Vinyl And Polyester Textiles
  • Selection Of Tactile Adhesives To Apply To Almost Any Surface

To speak with our experienced design consultants and start creating your perfectly enhanced business environment, contact PS Signs without delay.