General Signage

All organisations need signs. They need Safety signs, No smoking signs, Banners, Warning signs, A frame signs and Hazard signs to name a few. Arrange quality signage in Brisbane quickly and easily through PS Signs. Ready-made and customized solutions are available for every requirement.

Custom Stickers & Decals

Consistent branding is easily achieved through digitally-printed stickers and decals. Customers and potential clients alike will be reassured by the consistency which instils confidence in them.

Stickers and decals are also perfect for clearly identifying Company property. Curved surfaces, such as helmets or tools, are catered for with our contour-cut decals. Whether items are used on-site, branded for sale or gifts to VIP customers, the integrity of your professional image will be maintained.

Your message & images can be printed directly onto vinyl or, for a reflective effect, useful for hi-vis safety signage and stickers to locate objects at night or in dark storage, printing can be done directly onto prismatic reflective vinyl.

Our highly experienced design consultants will work closely with you to ensure that your requirements are met with the most suitable media available to create outstanding vinyl stickers and decals.

  • Identify company property
  • Maintain consistent corporate branding
  • Contour cut vinyl stickers for curved surfaces
  • Print directly to vinyl
  • Prismatic reflective vinyl for Hi-vis usage

Complicated or simple, whatever your sticker and decal requirements, contacting PS Signs without delay is to your greatest advantage.

Corflutes & PVC Signs

Event promotion, building sites, mandatory signs, real estate signs, directional signage, for sale signs, open signs, no smoking signs and more, all benefit from the use of corflute and PVC signage.

If you are promoting an event, advertising on real estate signs or placing directional signage – corflute signs are your light-weight, cost efficient alternative. Due to the relative strength created by their honeycomb centre construction, corflute signs are able to be quickly and easily relocated as necessary. The smooth flat surfaces lends itself to full colour, including photo image, quality printing for greatest impact.

For a sturdier solution, PVC signs are ideal. Your signage has the same versatility and highest print vibrancy, but is able to withstand the challenges of busier environments such as crowded trade expos or longer term needs such as toilet signs and no smoking signs, whilst still being light enough to transport easily as necessary.

When you become aware of the need for signage, such as in response to a current event, when local council by-laws are updated or during event organisation, PS Signs recognise that your time constraints may be tight. Consequently, we have a rapid turnaround time. Once you submit the print-ready artwork, your corflute signage can be available quickly, irrespective of quantity. Printing on a range of thicknesses from 3.5mm to 10mm to suit your specific purpose, including, A-frame sign inserts, directional signage, fetes and garage sales, demonstration and election signs, event signage or indeed, any temporary signage needs.

  • 3.5mm-10mm Corflute Thickness
  • Lightweight, easily transportable and relocatable
  • Sturdy PVC Signage
  • Temporary Signs
  • Directional And Event Signage
  • Open Home And Real Estate Signs
  • Election Signs
  • Fete And Garage Sale Notices
  • Swift Response And Supply Time-Frames, Once Print-Ready Artwork Is Available

When you are in urgent need of temporary signs in Brisbane, PS Signs is your solution. Put the number in your speed dial or write it on the office fridge (or order one of our magnetic fridge signs) so it is handy as soon as you need it.

Mesh Banners

Large, standard construction, vinyl banners in High Wind areas can be very dangerous as they can rip and tear in the force of gales and whip around, causing damage to nearby structures or personnel.

Avoid this hazard by substituting your signage with a purpose-manufactured, Mesh Banner, UV Resistant to avoid fading in external situations. Meshed vinyl allows strong breeze to easily pass through, providing a more suitable solution for draping across breezeways, placing in open windows or securing to construction site perimeter fencing. Your branding and promotional messages remain prominently displayed whilst eliminating the dangers of using regular vinyl banners in these areas.

Full installation fixtures and fittings are also available, including frames, rope edges, wall mounts and sail track extrusions for your convenience.

  • UV Resistant To Reduce Fading
  • Purpose Manufactured Mesh Vinyl Banner
  • Suitable For High Wind Areas
  • Fixtures And Fittings Also Available

When considering external banner signage, contact PS Signs for your complete mesh banner design and manufacture solution.

Outdoor Banners

Rethink your ideas about reaching your customers and potential clientele through external signage. Traditionally, vinyl banners have been a short to medium term solution, however, with the evolution of UV stabilised PVC, these now present a longer term, cost effective alternative.

Suitability for sides of buildings, building awnings and other longer term signage has improved dramatically in recent times. The range of materials and styles makes them appropriate for a diversity of applications.

Most excitingly, as PVC Banner rolls are available in a variety of dimensions, and they are able to be extended through plastic weld technology, the potential size for this flexible, versatile and visually appealing signage is fundamentally unrestricted.

  • Practically unlimited banner dimensions when welded
  • Broad range of materials, styles and roll dimensions
  • Suitable for short, medium and longer term applications
  • UV Stabilised PVC
  • Cost effective alternative

To begin creation of your attention grabbing, flexible and versatile signage, contact the PS Signs Graphic Design team as soon as you are able.

Billboards & Site Signs

Billboards and Site signage remain a prominent and effective communication medium. The succinct message on roadside signs or around the workplace is intended to quickly attract visual attention and form a lasting impression in the mind of the viewer.

Clear, effective graphics rapidly convey your message, often with minimal text. Displayed vividly and appropriately sized for easy viewing, design and construction of Billboard signage and Site Marketing or Information signs requires a specific skill set and experience for premium effect.

Often the sign is only visible for a few seconds, such as large billboards beside public transport routes. They are also subject to the elements, including harsh sun, driving rain and hail and flying debris. With consideration of your budget, your billboards and Site Signage will instantly engage with your intended audience once they are installed.

The exceptional team at PS Signs has the expertise to ensure your sign has an uncluttered design layout and is constructed with resilient, weather-resistant materials, designed to withstand the hazards of the outdoors.

  • Clear Uncluttered Design
  • Prominent Communication Strategy
  • Resilient To Harsh Weather Elements
  • Prominent, Effective Advertising And Information Medium

Add effective billboard and site signage promotions and information signs to your marketing portfolio by contacting PS Signs for their unparalleled expertise in this area.