Promotional Signage

Update your clients about your latest offer, the release of a new product range or a sell-out of an overstocked item. Greater profitability can result from additional sales with the initial purchase. Promotional signage is convenient for this purpose.

A Frame Signs

An A Frame, or the renowned Sandwich Board, is a staple tool for many businesses. Being very portable and durable, they are a versatile, cost- effective marketing asset which can be easily placed in the most appropriate location to attract the best results.

Placed prominently on the footpath, A Frames can act as an Open Sign.

They are easily visible when passing and encourage people to pause and enter. They are perfect for marketing offers or theme days, such as “Special Tuesday” as they only need to be placed out when the promotion is available.

Available in a range of sizes, materials and finishes, PS Signs can customize the appearance of your A Frame Sign to suit your specific requirements

  • Sandwich Board
  • Portable, Durable, Versatile, Cost Effective
  • Open Sign
  • Range of sizes, materials and finishes

Many businesses have multiple A Frames for various occasions. When you are needing to update yours, or order another one, call PS Signs to ensure you receive the best customer service and design expertise.

Retractable Pull-Up Banners

Trade Fairs, Presentations, Business Expos, Cultural Exhibitions – whatever the event, your Retractable Pull-Up Banner can display your branding and message with ease, then be secured away in the Roller Base Stand, ready for the next event.

Printed onto the highest quality vinyl to withstand regular raising and lowering, the vibrancy and clear message attracts the attention of the audience. They have the dynamic appeal to sway decisions giving you a distinct competitive advantage. Customers, Prospective Clients and Potential Business Partners swiftly develop trust through the use of these Banners as the implicit message is a commitment to excellence and thorough attention to detail.

Easily set up, Packed away and Transported, Pull-Up Banners are your answer to nearly any promotion or information situation.

  • Roller Base Stand
  • Sturdy construction to withstand regular raising and lowering
  • Easy to set-up, pack up and transport.
  • Vibrant, dynamic message communication
  • Implies excellence and attention to detail
  • Re-usable at many events and occasions

Send through your Retractable Pull-Up Banner ideas to PS Signs and we will assist you to create the eye-catching design to fulfil your requirements.

Tear Drop Banners & Feather Flags

Designed to be noticed, even out of the corner of your eye, Tear Drop

Flags are the colourful connection with your customers. Placed in the corners of a trade display, along the perimeter of the business premises or use the vehicle wheel stand to display when working or demonstrating on-site, the strong fabric flag adds a new dimension to your business.

Named for its distinct tear drop or feathery shape, this branding asset is also known as a Bali flag for its similarity to the traditional Balinese flags, and is suited to internal or exterior display. Lightweight and easily assembled or dismantled, it can be packed away quickly in the convenient carry bag and re-assembled in a new location with ease.

The colour range of the fabric is extensive resulting in fabulous branded designs which create a whirr of excitement in the marketplace. The process is simple – Select your preferred size and style; Finalise the design with the expert PS Signs consultants and we can have the finished flag delivered to you, ready for you to create your own buzz of anticipation.

  • Easily noticed with Peripheral vision
  • Vast range of exciting colours
  • Strong fabric banner
  • Interior or Exterior Use
  • Optional vehicle stand for on-site demonstrations
  • Convenient carry bag
  • Easily assembled and dismantled

To fly your own flag, contact PS Signs and ignite your marketing buzz.

Business Cards, Flyers & Brochures

With the vast array of visual promotion and branding elements available, it is equally important to have the tactile marketing ingredients that your customers and potential clientele can hold and take with them for review in the sanctuary of their home or office.

Business cards are the essence of you and your business. They tell your story without saying a word. Creative design on quality materials articulates the impression of you as the industry authority. With an abundance of electronic media, including social media communication, the physical business card still assumes a level of quiet assurance and allows an easy reference point for contact details.

The PS Signs thick, rigid 420gsm business cards, available with a full colour matte front face and back, presents a superior finish to convey the professionalism your role deserves.

Coupled with professionally designed flyers and brochures, which are handy for distribution at trade shows and exhibitions or useful for letterbox distribution directly to the residences of your target market, this cost efficient fundamental tool is perfect for relaying a direct marketing message or information about a product or service.

  • Quality print services
  • Custom design
  • Consistency of branding
  • Cost efficient information and marketing

Have your take-home marketing & branding ready at all times for your customers and clientele to keep. Call PS Signs to arrange the design and printing without delay.